Step Into My Kitchen And Cook Side-By-Side Live w/ Me (Cathy Yoder) While We Elevate Your Air Fryer Skills From The Comfort Of Your Own Kitchen!

"My husband loved this dish so much he said I have to 
make it when we have company!" ~Gail

"My husband loved this dish so much he said I have to make it when we have company!" ~Gail
  Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! (The Video Make Take A Few Seconds To Load)
Air Fry Side-By-Side with Us LIVE!
Are you ready to learn how to make fast, delicious, and easy air fryer meals in the comfort of YOUR KITCHEN? Our community calls allow you to actively participate, learn, ask questions, and get support. This is about SO MUCH more than just following a recipe; it's about having a group of people to share it with. Will you join us?
"You inspired me to make this a valuable tool instead of just another 
appliance on the countertop!" ~ Debbie D.

Ask Questions!

When you join the monthly livestream, you'll be in Cathy's kitchen, where you can cook the recipe alongside her and ask questions as you go!

Search Recipes!

Whether you want a dish we make together or one from past shows, you can search the recipe library for the exact steps and ingredients you need.

Go On (or OFF!) Camera!

Some people love to pop up and interact! But others prefer their privacy. You get to choose your cooking adventure!

How This Works!

When you join the community, we make it as easy as possible for you to have everything you need to join our monthly livestreams OR watch previously recorded episodes at a time that works better for you.


The week before we cook, you’ll get a REMINDER EMAIL that includes:
  • A FUN PHOTO SHOPPING LIST (the actual ingredients you need)
  • A link to the recipe that you can review or print
  • The Zoom link that will take you right to the livestream!


You’ll get another reminder email with all that same info, just in case. 

And don’t forget, if our live call doesn’t work for your schedule (or your preferred learning style), you can watch the recorded show later.


Get those ingredients out, move your laptop or iPad to the kitchen, and let’s get ready to cook together! 

And don’t worry - you don’t have to turn on your camera if you don’t want to. The great thing about this community is we respect your learning style AND your need to be on or off camera as much as you want! 

Some of the Recipes We’re Making!

From seasonal favorites to air fryer adventures that push you to try something new, here are just a few of the community recipes we’ve made so far and others in the works.
Plus, we take audience suggestions and have a few contests too. So don’t be surprised if a secret menu item shows up every now and then.

What Community Members are Saying!

I have to share something that happened on our very FIRST call together.

Maureen, a stressed out mom, said she bought an air fryer years ago because she “isn’t good at cooking” and her husband was doing the cooking at the time. But now he’s going to school and working, so the cooking is falling on her shoulders. She joined our community to learn how to make better meals for her family.

The most beautiful thing happened as we started our first cooking online cooking class.

After we got through the prep work and put the food in our air fryers, we chatted as some people cleaned their kitchen, others asked questions about their air fryers, and some shared their experiences with air fryers.

Sweet Maureen, asked questions about her machine and all the different trays she has, plus explained her situation. A couple of kids were underfoot and her husband was shortly leaving for work.

We all got so invested in her success that the people cleaning their kitchens stopped so they could lean in and listen, and I forgot to set a shake reminder on my air fryer. 

But it didn’t matter.

Because when our meals were ready and Maureen’s family tested her Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry, we held our collective breath to hear the results.

They loved it!!!

We clapped and cheered and took a group photo together.

That’s what the “Cooking with Cathy Community” is all about.

It’s not about me. It’s about using the tools and technology we have to support, cheer for, and empower each other to be better cooks and share a moment that’s bigger than ingredients, shopping lists, times and temperatures. Those details are important, but not nearly as rewarded as seeing a teenager tell his mom that she did a good job.


What Community Members are ASKING!


That’s the fun thing about the “Cooking with Cathy Community!” It’s unscripted and there’s plenty of time for you to ask questions about YOUR air fryer or YOUR favorite recipe or about cooking in general! I even announced that…I’m about to be a GRANDMA on the show!

(I’m still not sure if I should have done that, but I’m just so excited. And my girl is finally feeling a little better, so I’m thankful for that.) 

But ok - here are some of the questions we have covered so far…in no particular order!
  • Will you be doing some recipes with the Dreo Chefmaker Combi Fryer?
  • Do I need to “shake” the food or have a shake reminder?
  • Which setting should I use on my air fryer?
  • ​Does it matter so much what wattage my air fryer is?
  • ​How long should I cook this if I like my meat well done?
  • ​Is that your daughter Haley? (Yes!) 
  • ​Oh, we love Haley!
  • ​Is Olivia home? (No, she was at school for that show.)
  • ​What is Megan’s due date?
  • ​What will we be making next time?
  • ​How DO you say Iowa? (Inside joke for the community!)
  • ​If beef is too expensive, can I make this same recipe with chicken?
  • ​What’s the best spice to put on food in the air fryer?
  • ​Is it ok to cook frozen chicken drumsticks straight from the freezer?
  • ​Should I leave the tray in the basket when cooking marinated meat?
  • ​What’s the difference between par boil and par bake?
  • ​What is high smoke point oil? Why does it matter in recipes?
  • ​Do you have a favorite oil for the air fryer?
  • ​Do you really make cookies in an air fryer?
  • ​Do your kids make their own meals now and what are their favorites?
And then I ask questions too! Like:
  • ​Where are you joining us from?
  • Did you do anything fun over the weekend?
  • What recipes do you want to make together in future shows?
  • What air fryer should I cook with today?
You get the point - Anything goes and we’re here for it!

Here's Everything You Get 
When You Join Today

Here's Everything You Get When You Join Today

Monthly LIVE Video Calls (Better than Therapy!) - $100
YOUR Questions Answered by YouTube's "Air Fryer Queen!" - $200
Fun Contests and Prizes During the Live Show - $75
On-Demand Replay of Past Episodes and Recipes - $81
Behind-the-Scenes Look at Cathy's Actual Kitchen - $50
All-Access Pass to SEARCHABLE Video Recipe Library! - $100
Cooking Class that Will Elevate Your Cooking Skills - $97
Shop Ahead Recipes and Ingredients List - $25
BONUS: Premium Support - (Priceless)
Monthly LIVE Video Calls (Better than Therapy!)
YOUR Questions Answered by YouTube's "Air Fryer Queen!"
Fun Contests and Prizes During the Live Show
On-Demand Replay of Past Episodes and Recipes
Behind-the-Scenes Look at Cathy's Actual Kitchen
All-Access Pass to SEARCHABLE Video Recipe Library!
Cooking Class that Will Elevate Your Cooking Skills
Shop Ahead Recipes and Ingredients List
Premium Support
...But this is NOT what you'll pay!
...But this is NOT what you'll pay!
(After The Free 14-Day Free Trial)
$27 per month

Here's what you need to know!

  • We meet LIVE once a month online!
  • ​You get recipes in advance so you can get ready to cook!
  • ​For a limited time, you can also watch previously recorded episodes.
Sign up for a 14-DAY FREE TRIAL and lock in this low monthly pricing!
Here's what you'll get when you sign up:
  • Instant access to past "Cooking with Cathy Community" livestreams
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  • ​Schedule of upcoming events plus recipes and shopping lists
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  • ​A reminder email before your first monthly charge

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.
What is the "Cooking with Cathy Community" like?
Think of it as the next best thing to getting together in a kitchen together. 

Every month, we share a new recipe (plus a shopping list)! You'll get an email telling you when the recipe is available and a schedule with instructions for logging into the upcoming livestream. You can shop, and prep if you want, or just join the call and make the food later. Do what works for you.

The best thing about the community is that we prep, cook, clean and chat together. And it’s so much fun for everyone to learn and grow together as a group.

But hey, if you don’t WANT to be on camera or the schedule doesn’t work for you, that’s ok. Wait for the recorded version to be posted the day after the show and you watch and explore in a way that works for you.
Do I have to be ON Camera?
No way! You get to participate in this community however you feel most comfortable. That means camera on or off, microphone muted or not, hair in rollers or pajama pants on, we don’t care! (I mean, this is a family show, so we do care about that.) But as long as you keep it clean, you are free to engage in a way that works best for you.

And if you prefer a quieter experience, you can turn the volume down and flip on Closed Caption for a perfectly peaceful experience. (Or, read the transcript after the recorded show is posted. Up to you!)

How is the "Cooking with Cathy Community" different from Air Fryers Unleashed?
Air Fryers Unleashed! is a self-paced digital course with 8 video recipes (plus bonus videos) that teach you how to get the full benefits of using an air fryer. For every recipe, you can watch virtually and cook alongside me as I make the meal. The "Cooking with Cathy Community'' is similar in format, except we actually cook together! We have people from all over the world joining, but it still feels like friends in a kitchen cooking, laughing, and chatting together.

Plus, you can ask questions in real time! You don’t have to send an email or post a public comment. Just turn on your mic and ask away or pop a comment into the chat.

We’re here for you.
What if I can't attend the livestream?
The show is recorded and posted in the library, so members can watch it later. Plus, there are chapters and a transcript of each video, so you can easily skip to the parts of the show you most want to watch.
Will I be charged monthly?
Before your first payment, you'll get a 14-DAY FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP which comes with instant access to past "Cooking with Cathy Community" livestreams, recipes, the schedule of upcoming events, plus premium support for any technical issues. You'll also receive a reminder email before your first monthly charge. There is no obligation--you're free to cancel at any time.
Is the membership for beginners or experienced air fryers?
Both! Whether you are a new cook or an experienced one, you'll learn something new about the power of cooking with an air fryer. There are so many air fryer models available--each with their own basket sizes, presets, and more. Wouldn't it be easier to learn how to cook with YOUR air fryer if you could just ask someone how? Join the membership and you can! And not just anyone. You can ask the "Queen of Air Fryers" yourself!
What if I have a question or encounter a problem during the course?
Members of the “Cooking with Cathy Community” get premium support. If you “contact us” from within the membership area, your questions will go right to the TOP of our list. During the shows, our customer support team is standing by to make sure you get support logging in or finding the links you need to get started. We don’t want you to miss a moment of our monthly get-together.
How Do I Know My Payment Is Secure?
Payments are processed on our secure and encrypted network hosted by Stripe, which processes 250,000,000 payments per day (10,000 transactions per second) and accepts all major credit cards. Stripe is the industry leader in payment processing, that we have trusted to manage our payment processing for over 10 years securely.

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